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Accessibility & Accommodation

The Sentinels

Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are determined before game via our website. Players will be required to select a cabin prior to the event. You will know where you are sleeping before the event. However, even if a player does not make a cabin selection, we will always ensure that there are enough beds for all of our players. Players will be able to select a cabin at check in if they did not do so on our website.

Safe Hours

Safe hours are from 2am to 8am. During this time, no combat or PVP may take place inside cabins. Staff will not enter player sleeping spaces unprompted unless it is for an out of game reason. Players may continue roleplaying amongst themselves in their cabins during this time.

Safe Cabin

A cabin or room will be dedicated as a safe, out of game space for players to retreat to if they need a quiet moment. It will not be intended as a place to sleep overnight, but rather as a resting space during the event where players can take a break. No combat, PVP, or roleplay will be allowed in the Safe Cabin.


Signage will be provided to indicate the Safe Cabin.

Out of Game Sleeping Arrangements

Previously known as the Medical Cabin, Out of Game sleeping arrangements are for players who need a permanent, accessible, out of game space to sleep and rest in. This cabin remains Out of Game for the full duration of the event, unless those sleeping inside the cabin decide that they want to roleplay in character. As a general rule, staff does not run plot that has NPCs going inside of ANY player cabins, unless given permission by the players.


If a player requires out of game sleeping with a specific group of people, or the Out of Game cabin assigned by staff is full, any cabin can be designated as an Out of Game cabin.


Signage will be provided to indicate Out of Game locations.

Non-Combat Zone(s)

The tavern and kitchen will be permanent Non-Combat zones at Eldritch. Players are not allowed to participate in combat in these spaces. Staff will not attack players in these spaces, though they will still roleplay with players in them. If players wish to participate in combat of any kind, they will need to fully exit those spaces.


Physical combat in Eldritch is opt-out. Players can request to opt out of physical combat, and they will be given the following:

  • An orange, reflective sash to be worn about the torso. This sash is made with linen/cotton blend fabric and sprayed with clear reflective paint.

  • Two orange glow sticks to be worn about the wrists at night. These are optional, if the player feels that the reflective sash does not provide enough visibility at night.


Players may choose to put on and take off the sash and glow sticks at any time throughout the event.


Players and staff may never physically attack players that are wearing the sash and wrist bands. However, Players, NPCs, and Non-Combatants may still participate in combat with Non-Combatants in the following way:

  1. A player, NPC, or non-combatant approaches a non-combatant and announces an intention to attack. For players attacking another player, it is required that they still follow our PVP rules prior to attacking.

  2. The attacker verbally indicates where on the body of the non-combatant they are attacking.

  3. The attacker and defender play rock-paper-scissors to determine if the attack lands.

    1. If the defender wins, the attack missed.

    2. If the attacker wins, the attack landed. Normal damage rules apply.

    3. If there is a tie, the attacker and defender play again until there is no longer a tie.

  4. If the attacker missed, the non-combatant may choose one of the following:

    1. Disengage from combat; the attacker may not attack them again for a full minute, though other players and NPCs may attack them.

    2. If the non-combatant character has weapon skill(s), they may counter attack. The same rock-paper-scissors game will be played as outlined above, except they will be the attacker.

    3. If the non-combatant character does not have weapon skill(s) but they do not want to disengage for whatever reason, they can let their attacker attempt another attack.

  5. If the attacker landed their strike, the non-combatant may not disengage, but they can choose to counter attack if they have weapon skill(s).


If a non-combatant and another player engage in PVP, and there is significant trust between the two players, they may instead choose to forgo the rock-paper-scissors battle and perform a gentle theatrical combat scene. This is as per our PVP guidelines already, but is 100% the choice of the non-combatant if they want to participate in it.


Disclaimer: This system has not yet been tested by the Eldritch team. As such, we reserve the right to make changes to the system in the future.

Death & Dying

We strive to give disabled players agency in their game, but recognize that we cannot anticipate the needs of every individual. If these policies do not meet your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff and we would love to help accommodate you further!


In addition, our accessibility policies are ever evolving and we aim to improve them over time. If you have feedback or suggestions, we are open to them!


Thank you to Grey Stowers and his team at Gothic: Luisant and Chantelle Yeager and her team at Gothic: Age of Ashes for collaborating with us and allowing us to use ideas from their own Accessibility and Accommodation policies.

Eldritch strives to provide an accessible game experience, with a basis in player agency.

Instead of falling to the ground while dying or dead, players may choose to either take a knee or remain standing with their arms crossed over their chest. They may either stay where they are or walk to the sidelines of battle and await attention from other players. A player does not have to be a non-combatant in order to use these options.

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