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Eldritch COVID-19 Guidelines

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Proof of Vaccination Required

Eldritch is requiring that all staff, volunteers, and players be fully vaccinated in order to attend events. Proof of vaccination will be required before admission to an event. Included in our Liability Waiver, found under the My Account page when you are logged into our website, are form fields for your first and second vaccination dates. If you received the J&J vaccine, then you can submit the same date for both fields (or the next day in the second date field, if it does not allow you to send the same date).

In addition to submitting the Liability Waiver with your vaccination dates, we will be asking to see your vaccination card. You may either email us a picture of your vaccination card, or you may show a staff member the card during Check In. You can show staff the card itself or a picture of the card.

You may send pictures of your vaccination card to We will not save the pictures; we will only record that you have provided proof of vaccination.

If you do not show us proof of vaccination prior to an event or at Check In, we will refuse you entry to the event and ask you to leave.

Masks Required Indoors

While indoors at Eldritch, masks will be required to be worn unless eating or sleeping. This is regardless of vaccination status.

This page last updated 11/1/2021

Washington State Guidelines

Cabin Arrangements

Eldritch players always have a choice when it comes to which cabin they sleep in. You may choose to sleep in a cabin with others whom you feel comfortable with. Eldritch staff cannot guarantee that there will be cabins with no one else bunking inside them (i.e. you most likely will not have a cabin all to yourself). You may camp outside of a cabin, using a tent, but please know that our winter events can be very cold and that you should prepare accordingly. If you need to make use of an Out of Game Cabin for accessibility purposes, you may do so. See our Accessibility & Accommodation guidelines for more information.

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