Returning Players

Welcome back to the kingdom of Arnesse. Each section of this page will walk you through the steps required to update your character between events, including spending your character points, meeting submission deadlines, and completing your espionage and gathering turns.

Character Updates

Updating Your Character

Updating you character is done once between each Eldritch event, which take place roughly every three months. Doing so is done via the Eldritch character portal which is our online character builder. You will have 10 Character Points with which to update your character. These will be added roughly two weeks following the previous event. All character updates are due one month before the following event.

Eldritch Character Portal


Get Your Ticket

Tickets to the next event go on sale the Monday following the previous event. Season four passes will go on sale at the beginning of each new year. Ticket availability windows are as follows:

Window Ticket Type
First week after the event Open to season 4-pass holders to preregister only.
Second week after the event Tickets become available to existing players.
Third week after the event All remaining tickets are available to the general public.
Six weeks before an event Tickets, meal plans, and lodgings are taken down for purchase and booking.
Between Game Actions

Submitting Your Actions

Between events a character may submit online forms that correspond to different skills they may have. The skills that require between-event submissions are Espionage and Gathering. The deadlines for all submissions, including character updates, is six weeks before the following event. If you do not get your submissions in before this deadline, you will not receive your action results.



Fill out the form to complete your Gathering submission. You will receive your results in your character packet at check in.



Fill out the corresponding form to submit your Espionage action. You will receive your results in your character packet at check in.



Please list all actions from any Espionage-related skills that you may have, including those skills that allow you to learn and/or propagate a rumor(s).