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Player's Guide

The Eldritch Player’s Guide provides the core rules, policies, expectations for events, and character creation process.

It is available as a Google Document, which has navigation options on both desktop and mobile. For the best experience, we recommend viewing the document via desktop.

You may copy and download the Player's Guide in any format you wish, and you may modify the formatting on your own copy for ease of access.

Mobile Navigation Tips

While the guide is best viewed on desktop in its online document form, Google provides navigation tools on mobile that will improve your experience.

Option 1: Quick Scroll

1. Once viewing the document, begin scrolling. A bubble with two arrows should appear on the right side of the screen.

2. Press and hold the bubble to make the document headings appear. While holding the bubble, scroll through the document to quickly get to a particular section.

Option 2: The Document Outline

Mobile version of the Player's Guide with the option icon circled.

1. Once viewing the document, click on the Options menu (a.k.a. the "meatballs" icon) in the upper right corner. 


2. Click on the "Document outline" option.


3. Scroll through the outline to find what you're looking for, then tap on the heading you want to navigate to.

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