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New Player Journey:
Getting Started at Eldritch

Our Mission

It is our goal to raise the bar for live action role playing in both the region and across the hobby.

The kind of experience we want to offer our community is as follows:

  • High level of production and immersion in both costuming, props, and event space

  • Utilize a set of rules systems that are easy to understand and adopt

  • And most importantly, a healthy community of players and volunteers that encourages mutual respect and builds a culture of trust.

A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules or determined by consensus among players.


Eldritch: The Campaign


In the realm of Eldritch, tread lightly upon a land where shadows of medieval grandeur loom. Here, kings and queens hold court, lords and ladies navigate the treacherous game of power, and knights clash with adversaries most vile. Ancient orders and institutions stand as silent sentinels, guarding secrets of yore. Yet, amidst the dark tapestry, a glimmer of magic, both wondrous and arcane, awaits the curious, lurking just beyond each twist and turn.

Campaign Timeline


Through the span of a dozen gatherings, Eldritch weaves an epic, destined to culminate in a momentous reckoning come the close of 2026. This grand tapestry is reminiscent of the first steps taken in the dance of tabletop tales, with the stage set thrice annually in the verdant lands of western Washington. Knights, nobility, or whatever the role in which you may find yourself, old and new, may join the fray, wielding powers and privileges equal to their seasoned brethren. As characters traverse this saga, they shall face trials of steel and heart alike, each challenge threading the greater narrative of Eldritch, and inscribing the legacies of every soul involved.

What kind of LARP is Eldritch?

At the heart of Eldritch lies a game of whispers and hidden truths. Here, the very fabric of the roleplaying tapestry is interwoven with secrets. It is the age-old dance where knowledge is not freely handed to every player upon first glance. This design, deliberate and intricate, ensures that as the sands of time shift, the players within our fold are ceaselessly drawn into the allure of unveiling concealed mysteries, and revel in the joy of revelations yet to come as they journey deeper into the realm.


The Setting

In the shadowed expanse of the Annwyn ("A-noon"), tucked away in the westernmost reaches of the Kingdom of Arnesse, a tale unfolds. Here, from the very heartland that gave rise to our players, whispers of a new dawn beckon. As the veiled realm of the Annwyn beckons, brave souls venture forth, hungry for conquest and the unraveling of age-old riddles. But in this enigmatic realm, alliances, as ancient as the mountains and as fresh as morning dew, are tested. Great houses with histories as old as time eye this virgin land, seeing in its vastness a chessboard for their ambitions. Yet, deep within, something older than the oldest house stirs. From realms unseen, a creeping influence emerges, like water seeping through the cracks of a weary dam. Should this barrier fall, will the designs and dreams of men endure? Or will they be lost, swept away by a tide from a world beyond their ken?


Creating a Character

The process for creating a character at Eldritch has been designed to be as easy as possible. Please follow the steps detailed below, and if you have any questions, use the form on our Contact page. We look forward to seeing you at a future Eldritch event.


Create an Account at


Eldritch is restricted to those 21 years and older. You will need a user account to access different parts of the website and event information. A user account can be created automatically using your Gmail or Facebook account.


Purchase a Ticket


Ticket sales open for Returning Players two weeks after the previous event. New player tickets are made available one week after that. Tickets can be purchased on the Events pages.

Player numbers are currently capped at 65 given the number of staff we have.


Sign a Waiver


Please read our Code of Conduct and Social Contract. Then sign our waiver, which can be found on your My Account page of our website.


Write your Character's Background


Our setting is extensive and you are not expected to know all of it. We suggest you pick a region for your character to be from, then read that region's culture packet for more details. Afterwards, submit your character's background using the form located on your My Account page of our website. You may assume your background is approved if you do not receive any feedback from us before the event.

Our suggestion is that you start with the following pages to read up on the Eldritch setting:




Choose your Skills


Please read through our Player's Guide, which has a complete guide to creating a character. It will help step you through the skills purchasing process.

All characters at Eldritch start with the same number of Character Points (CP) as all other characters. CP scales up for everyone each event, regardless of attendance. You will start with 7 CP if you create a character for Event III.

A very brief summary of creating a character sheet:

1. Choose a Base Archetype, and optionally an Advanced Archetype, from the Characters page.

2. Choose skills for you character. Be sure to follow the Starting Skills rules of your chosen archetype(s).

3. Create an account at, then create your character in the system.


Preparing for The Event


Create Your Costume


Start by consulting the player's guide for costuming criteria. No modern clothing will be accepted as part of your character's costume, i.e. t-shirts, jeans, beanies, uncovered tennis shoes, etc... If you have any questions about what is acceptable, we encourage you to contact us.


To help you in defining the aesthetic for Eldritch, we have provided Pinterest boards as part of each Protectorate page. Here you can find attire put together for each region of Arnesse, in addition to the clothing worn by different classes in the setting. You can find a link to our Pinterest board below for a complete collection of all costuming inspirations. Linked below is also a guide we have put together to help you in finding suitable footwear for your at-event experience.

Eldritch Footwear Guide

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