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Thu, Oct 10


Millersylvania State Park

Eldritch Event V

Event V for the Eldritch live roleplaying campaign, taking place on October 10th - October 13th, 2024 at Millersylvania State Park located in Olympia, Washington.

Eldritch Event V
Eldritch Event V


Oct 10, 2024, 3:00 PM PDT – Oct 13, 2024, 3:00 PM PDT

Millersylvania State Park, 12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512, USA


Join us for the fifth event of the Eldritch live action role playing experience on October 10th - October 13th, 2024, at Millersylvania State Park. Check in will begin at 5 PM on Friday, and go to 8 PM, unless you've purchased an early arrival ticket. There is an orientation workshop that is recommended for ALL players, old and new, that starts at 7 PM. This workshop will review important, at-event information like safety, the rules basics, what to expect at Eldritch, and lots more. Note that a Thursday early arrival and check-in is a purchasable option. 

COVID Requirements

Because COVID is still present, and because there have been outbreaks at other events in the community, Eldritch is maintaining the following COVID policies:

  1. Proof of vaccination is required to attend our events. Please send a photo of your vaccine card via email to or bring it with you to the event to show us at check in.
  2. A negative COVID test is required within 24 hours of the beginning of the event. Please send a photo of your negative COVID test via email to We will have some tests available on site, but we won't have enough for everyone so please do not count on us providing one for you.

We will not be enforcing mask wearing.

Getting to Site

Site Address: 12245 Tilley Road S, Olympia, WA 98512

Once in the park, follow signs for the Retreat Center. Please reference the Millersylvania State Park Map (LINK) to know where to find the Retreat Center within the park.

Millersylvania State Park has paved roads leading all the way up to the park and into the park. It is located 12 minutes from Tumwater, which has all the amenities of a regular city; multiple grocery stores, gas stations, fast food, etc.

Parking and Lodgings

Millersylvania Retreat Center Website (LINK)

Millersylvania Retreat Center Map (LINK)

Millersylvania Virtual Tour (LINK)

Please follow the signs for "Eldritch Parking," as you arrive to the Retreat Center. You may unload your car at your lodgings, but please move it back to the parking lot as soon as possible. Staff may be moving around site at this time and it is important we can do so unimpeded.

Cabins are heated with mattresses and bunks, but no bedding. Be sure to bring your own bedding! All cabins are powered, with outlets available for medical device use, and there is an ADA cabin available upon request. The cabins do not have bathrooms or kitchenettes in them. There are two shared shower houses on site with bathrooms near each main ring of cabins. The Lodge has bathrooms as well.

Signing up for cabins takes place online, before the event. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Discord for notifications about when cabin sign ups take place. If you miss cabin sign ups, don't worry! There are enough indoor beds for everyone and you can sign up for one during check in. Online sign ups before the event are for organizational and peace of mind purposes.


Packing for the Cold

We are expecting it to be cold during our event. It's unknown at this time if it will snow, but it's likely to be wet either way. Please prioritize your comfort and safety. While we do have "period" requirements for footwear, modern boots in neutral colors are acceptable, especially for wet and cold events like these. We would just prefer not to see white tennis shoes in play, for example. All indoor spaces are heated and all buildings have hot running water.

Check In

Check In goes from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Friday, though you are welcome to arrive any time of the day on Friday. If you purchased an early arrival pass, you may arrive no earlier than 3:00 PM on Thursday. Check-in will be held in the Lodge and there will be signs pointing you in the right direction. All necessary materials will be received in your player registration packet at check-in. Note that you will not be able to perform any character updates during this time. If you show up after 8:00 PM on Friday, you may be delayed in getting your check-in materials per staff availability. You may begin roleplaying and when a staff member is available, they can retrieve your check-in materials for you.

Game On and Soft Game On

The official in-play start time will be 8:00 P.M. on Friday, though if you'd like to get into costume and begin early, you may arrive anytime on Friday and interact with other players at the event. Note however, there will be no staff curated content until 8:00 PM that day. Before 8:00 PM, please avoid wandering the site because we will still be setting up. You may wander between your cabins and the Lodge.

Game Off and Soft Game Off

Game off also has a soft and an official time. Staff will not send out any more plots after 2:00 AM on Sunday. However, breakfast will be served the next morning and players are welcome to continue roleplaying and wrap up any business they have with each other by 9:00 to 10:00 AM. At 10:00 AM, clean up will begin in earnest.

We must be done packing by 2 PM on Sunday, per our rental agreement with Millersylvania, so we would greatly appreciate any helping hands we can get.

Food, Food Storage, and Cooking

Meal plans are purchased on the event page for $40 and include the following meals.

Friday night meal will be served beginning at 6:00 PM. and include:

Dinner - 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Saturday will consist of a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Breakfast - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Dinner 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Sunday breakfast will be consist of quick items such as bagels, muffins, fruit, and coffee.

All meals will have a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option.

Feel free to bring additional vittles for yourself. You may store dry goods in your cabin with you. The commercial kitchen in the Lodge has a large refridgerator for perishable food storage. Commerical kitchen priority will be given to our cooks for our meal plan, so please be respectful of their space and use of equipment.

Late Arrival 

Please let us know if you will be arriving after 8:00 PM on Friday. If you arrive at 8:00 PM or later, please drive your vehicle directly to the designated parking lot. Do NOT drive your vehicle around site to unload. We recommend that you bring a wagon or some other medium to transport your belongings to your cabin from the parking lot. As noted above, you may enter play, but you will not be able to get your check-in materials until a staff member becomes available.

Leaving Site Temporarily or Leaving Early 

If you must leave the site temporarily or leave early from the event entirely, then please fill out our Sign In/Sign Out sheet which will be located just inside the Lodge. This sheet is only to be used by players who have already been officially checked in to the event. Please fill out the sheet when you leave the site and fill it out again when you return to the site, if you are returning. This Sign In/Sign Out sheet is both a convenience and a safety measure for the Eldritch staff. If we are aware that you have left the site, then we will not search for you for the purposes of an encounter and we will also be sure that you have not gone missing or are in danger.

Mandatory NPC Event Shifts

While mandatory, your character will receive 1 Influence for participating in an NPC or Kitchen shift. In combination with volunteering for set up or tear down, you can receive a maximum of 2 Influence per event.

We will have a sign up sheet online before the event and at check-in during the event to choose an NPC shift. These spots will be marked as combatant, non-combatant, or kitchen and are always two hours long, so that players can plan accordingly for their shifts. These shifts are first come, first served, and are required as part of your event. You may sign up on behalf of others, but please ensure they are then aware of what time you signed them up for. 

Kitchen shift note - even if there are no dishes to do and things are clean, please feel free to throw on an apron and participate as though your character were working in the in-game tavern space. This is a fun and easy way to add to the immersion of the space, and also allows you to interact with other players to whom you may not have been previously introduced.

Set Up and Tear Down 

We love our volunteer staff and all those who can help us set up and tear down our events. There is an immense amount of work that goes into producing Eldritch events that we simply cannot execute on without some extra help. 

Compensated Positions - We are offering a variety of free and discounted tickets (not including meal plan) every event to players who would like to help with unloading our truck upon arrival and packing our truck after the event. Commensurate monetary compensation is also a possibility if that is preferred. These tickets are available on the event listing. Please do not select these tickets if you are unfit to perform the duties required.

In-game Reward Options - If you cannot stay for the entire set up or tear down, but would still like to help, you can sign up for a two-hour set up or tear down shift and your character will receive 1 Influence. You can earn a maximum of 2 Influence per event this way.

Full Time Volunteers - If you're able to arrive early or stay late, please also let us know via email address above. We love volunteers and will be happy to put you on the schedule.


How to Interact with Staff at the Event 

Staff will be present at check-in in the tavern prior to the start of the event. "Monster Town", or the main base of operations for staff, will be located in one of the cabin rings on site. Please do not enter Monster Town unless it is for one of the following reasons:

  • There is an emergency.
  • You cannot find a staff member or full-time NPC with a radio.
  • You have been led on an encounter or mod through Monster Town.

Players may ask OOC or logistical questions to any staff member or full-time NPC that they find out and about. If that staff member or full-time NPC cannot answer the question, then they will radio the staff member located at Monster Town. The staff member at Monster Town will come out to meet the player if necessary, or they will answer the question for the staff member over the radio. If a staff member or full-time NPC with a radio cannot be found, then you may enter Monster Town to ask your question if it is pressing. Additionally, there is a physical copy of our core in-game content in an in-character notebook inside the tavern for players to peruse if they have a question that can be answered by our content. This notebook will include the Player’s Guide, our published Generalist packets, Code of Conduct, and Social Contract.



Refunds will be granted up to one month before the event for which the ticket has been purchased. After this point we will not grant a refund. You may however transfer this ticket to an existing player who has an approved Eldritch character. Refunds on legacy season 4-pack passes will not be given after used for one event. You may then only sell and/or transfer the pass to an existing player, that is one with an approved Eldritch character on file.


  • 1 hour

    Early Arrival - Thursday

  • 25 hours

    Event Set Up

4 more items available


  • Player Basic Admission

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    This ticket grants one person basic admission to Eldritch, and does not include a meal plan. This must be purchased separately as an additional ticket. Early check-in is available on the Thursday before the event, though you must purchase a separate ticket for each attendee arriving early.

    +$3.75 service fee
  • Player Pass - Unload

    Attention: Choosing this discounted ticket requires that you agree to both unload and help set up the event on Thursday AND Friday. You do not have to purchase an early arrival pass if you choose this ticket option. This ticket does not include a meal plan.

    Sold Out
  • Player Pass - Load

    Attention: Choosing this discounted ticket requires that you agree to help clean up as well as stay to load the truck on the Sunday of the event. This ticket does not include a meal plan.

    +$1.88 service fee
    Sold Out
  • Player Pass - Tavern Staff

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    Attention: Choosing this discounted ticket requires that you agree to help keep the tavern clean, particularly around meal times (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner), by doing dishes and tidying tables and the kitchen. You can be in character while performing your duties. You will get breaks between meals, and you can participate in plot that doesn't overlap with main cleanup times. This ticket does not include a meal plan.

  • Player Meal Plan

    Sale ends: Oct 03, 11:50 PM PDT

    This ticket entitles you to five meals over the course of the Eldritch event, including Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as Sunday breakfast prior to event close.

    +$1.25 service fee
  • Player Early Arrival

    Sale ends: Oct 09, 11:50 PM PDT

    Want to arrive Thursday? Purchase this ticket to do so. You may arrive no earlier than 3:00 PM on Thursday.

    +$0.63 service fee
  • Character Photo Package

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    This ticket entitles the purchaser to a photo session for themselves or a group of up to five people, resulting in five edited pictures following the event. Photography session appointments will be made ahead of time, and can be held on Friday or Saturday of the event.

    +$1.25 service fee
  • Legacy Season Pass Ticket

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    This ticket is only for those who have purchased season passes in the prior campaign. This cost reflects the difference between the previously paid season pass price and the new cost for basic admission. This ticket does not include a meal plan.

    +$2.25 service fee
  • Volunteer Admission

    Sale ends: Oct 03, 11:50 PM PDT

    One Full-time NPC Volunteer ticket. You will be given roles to play on our event schedule and will not be playing your own character during the event. If you would like to partake in our meal plan, please select the meal plan ticket as well so we know to include you in our head count.

  • Volunteer Meal Plan

    Sale ends: Oct 03, 6:05 PM PDT

    These tickets are our for full time volunteers only. Meals throughout the entire event are provided to our volunteers at a discounted rate.

    +$0.63 service fee
  • Volunteer Early Arrival

    Sale ends: Oct 09, 11:50 PM PDT

    Thursday arrival for our Full-Time NPC volunteers.

  • Absentee Resource Gathering

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    These tickets are for the following player type: 1. You will not be attending the event though are an existing player. 2. You do not have a ticket to the upcoming event. 3. You would like to collect the resources owed you per your skills. As part of this ticket purchase, you agree to designate an event attendee to collect your resources and communicate this to Eldritch staff. If you are designating someone to collect retainer benefits on your behalf, you must send along the corresponding cards.

    +$0.50 service fee
  • Middleground Donation

    Sale ends: Sep 10, 11:50 PM PDT

    All proceeds from this ticket type will go directly towards the support of Middleground, an up and coming local event site.

    +$0.25 service fee




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