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Player's Guide

In-Game Effects


    Effects in a live action role playing game are a means by which to subject a character to different states that mimic those in actual reality, or close to it. Over the course of an Eldritch event, you may find that your character has been targeted with an effect from the list below. It is then required that you act out, or ‘role-play’ the accompanying effect description to the best of your ability, while maintaining the Eldritch standards of safety. Similar to the delivery of active martial skills, the common in-game effects will be delivered via a clearly audible call and include a target(s). The call may be accompanied by a weapon strike, outstretched hand towards its target, or may encompass a certain area. Regardless of the delivery type, all effects resolve on the targeted character(s) immediately. The exception to this is if your character has a specific ability that negates the effect. The Resist Active Martial skill DOES NOT negate any non-active martial skill effects.

Effect Delivery

All effects on Table 1.1, with the exception of those of the Martial type, may be delivered in one of two ways, which are as follows:

  • Targeted – Targeted effects target a single character and may be indicated by an outstretched hand towards the character, a gaze, on a weapon, or some indication that your character was personally targeted with the effect. It will be fairly obvious that this is the case. The source of the effect will verbally announce the effect as per usual, except for in the case of any effects that are accompanied by a card (Poison, Curse, Disease). The effect resolves as normal, barring any resistances that your character may have.

  • Mass – Mass effects indicate that all characters within earshot of the verbalized effect are now subject to it. They will be indicated by the source announcing, “Mass <effect-name>”. The effect resolves as normal, barring any resistances that your character may have.

Table 1.1 contains those effects and their corresponding description which all players are responsible for memorizing, as they may be used over the course of an Eldritch event.


    Effects in Eldritch are inflicted upon characters and render your character or another into a specific state, i.e. Paralyze - you would now perform the actions associated with the "effect" per the effect table, 1.1. With every effect, there is a duration, which is how long it lasts, and the delivery mechanism of the effect, that is, how you should expect to be targeted by the effect.


Effect Duration: Unless otherwise noted, all effects last 10 minutes or until resolved through an appropriate in-game means. If you don’t know what these resolutions are, it is likely because you do not possess the skill(s) to do so. Note that you may also find a great deal of information on how to deal with ailments and injuries in our Glossary Mundi. With the exception of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses, a character can only have one active effect on them at a time, i.e. a character may not be under the Weakness and Fear effects at the same time. Lastly, no effect overrides another effect, i.e. you cannot be subject to the Command effect while subject to the Sleep effect.


Table 1.1 - Effects List

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