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Eldritch Season 2 Updates, Part I

Hello Eldritch Community,

We hope you are finding peace and rejuvenation after our exhilarating season finale. Event 4 not only marked a significant milestone for Team Eldritch, taking us further than before the pandemic in 2020, but we also hope you found it demonstrated our consistent growth and resilience. We're thrilled to deliver a live roleplaying experience that exceeds your expectations, crafted with insights from our past endeavors, into the rest of 2024.

Event 4 Feedback Form is Live

Your experience is our top priority, and your feedback is invaluable in refining it. Whether you have praise, constructive criticism, or concerns, we welcome your insights via the Event 4 feedback form:

In the first of a two part blog, we’ll be discussing pricing and ticket changes for season 2, as well as additional no-cost options to make the game more financially accessible for folks.


Season 2 Event Pricing and Ticket Updates

As we move into Season 2, we're introducing pricing and ticket updates for our October 2024 event. These adjustments are aimed at enhancing your experience, from extended event access to offering no-cost participation options. We're also increasing our player cap to 75 to welcome more denizens of the Annwyn into the fold.

Basic Admission

Basic admission has been increased to $150. The cost of running our events has increased quite a lot since last year. The new price will help us cover the extra days we need at Millersylvania to both set up and pack out the event. Without this time, we are putting the event at unnecessary risk of either not being set up on time or not being ready to check out on Sunday. Up to this point, we have simply been lucky this has not been the case.

What do you get?

Extended Checkout

Whereas before you might have felt rushed to leave, we can now offer extended checkout and/or hangout hours on Sunday, until 1 PM. You can even do some light roleplaying with the expectation that staff won’t be running plot. We ask that you clean up after yourself and any facilities you use as we’ll be actively packing out the event and cleaning the site. We will continue to have volunteer opportunities to help us with clean up.

Consistent High Production and Logistics

Small though we are, Team Eldritch works super hard between events to produce entertaining content and organize myriad logistics arrangements on a scale that would humble many wedding organizers, and all in our free time outside of our day jobs to boot. Instead of depending wholly on volunteer labor, we work with small businesses to support many crucial activities, such as running our incredible deco crew, packing and unloading the truck at our storage location, custom art, and photography. We will continue to compensate others for services that improve the player experience, as well as our own.

More Player-Centric Photos

If you haven’t seen the amazing photos from event 4 Chris from Tilted Pixel has already posted, please bounce on over to our Discord and do so! We’ve also got a great photo gallery from every Eldritch event over at our website. Having photos from any event is something we all can appreciate, especially when you have an excellent photographer! Starting event 5, our event photographer will be providing more player-specific photos than before, to capture more of the candid moments created by you, our community. So all this to say, here’s to a future with more of them. As always, you can purchase a photo session for you or your crew on the upcoming event page.

Meal Plans

Meal plan prices are increasing to $50, which equates to $10 per meal for the whole event. This price point ensures we have the funds to cover food costs for our volunteers and staff, cover the cost of our cooks’ free admission, and bring you one tasty meal after the next. Volunteer meal plans have increased to $25 for the weekend, being half of the player meal plan price.

New Tavern Worker Passes and Discounted Pass Updates

Join us in the Tavern

As part of our increase in the player cap, we are offering two Tavern worker passes that are absolutely free, though require working in and cleaning up the Tavern throughout the event as a main responsibility. You will still get to participate in the event, though will need to help keep the Tavern clean, particularly around meal times (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner), by doing dishes and tidying tables and the kitchen. Sunday loadout passes are now $75, while event unload passes are free, given their usual stipulations. Note that none of these passes includes a meal plan, which must be purchased separately.

Discounted or Free Passes

We offer a total of 12 free or discounted tickets (16% of our ticket cap) for folks who may not be able to afford the ticket price. Plus, volunteer admission always has been and continues to be free. The price of admission goes to help cover these folks and our large roster of volunteers.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we address some other post event 4 updates,


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