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A Live Roleplaying Adventure in the Kingdom of Arnesse

Eldritch Event V - The Trial
Eldritch Event V - The Trial
Oct 10, 2024, 3:00 PM PDT
Millersylvania State Park
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is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness."


Eight great houses vie for control amidst a world in ruin after centuries of conflict and war. Ancient institutions scheme amongst the rulership of the land for their own small piece of the empire. This is the world of Eldritch. Enter the gates to a world rife with bitter conflict, political turmoil, and mysteries both arcane and unseen. Ancient alliances are broken as quickly as they are forged. Lines are blurred between ally and enemy. Heroes are found in the most unlikely of places. The world is awakening anew. Where will you find your place in this forgotten dream?

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The Raven

What is Eldritch?

Community Focused | High Production | Live Roleplaying

Eldritch is a high production, story – driven, live role-playing experience. We have designed the game rules to be simple and accessible to players of all experience levels and work hard to maintain a standard of aesthetic and quality unparalleled in the area. Join us in helping to bring this vision to life. Events are held three times per year at different sites in Washington State, USA. The story will end after 12 events in 2026.

In a realm that sits at the edge of reality's canvas, an intricate world unfurls, drenched in the arcane and cryptic. Welcome to the Kingdom of Arnesse and the world of Eldritch, where the commonplace is forgotten and the extraordinary governs.

Eight grand houses, each formidable in its own right, contest for control amid the remnants of a time-worn world, seared by the fires of relentless conflict and war. Ancient alliances, fragile as autumn leaves, fracture and reform in an instant—friend and foe become indistinguishable in the dance of power.

In this tumultuous landscape, heroes are born not from grandeur but from the most unexpected recesses of this labyrinthine world. Their destinies, deeply interwoven with the threads of this world, draw them towards a story that is theirs to tell.

The world itself seems to awaken from a long, forgotten slumber. It whispers ancient secrets in the ears of the intrepid, inviting them to discover their place in its vibrant tapestry. Laden with the weight of history and the allure of the unknown, each corner of this world teems with enigmas, awaiting the bold to explore and understand.

Step forth, brave soul, into the grand spectacle of Eldritch. Each event is a chapter in an unfolding story, and each player, a writer. In this world teeming with ancient mysticism and political intrigue, your story waits to be woven. Enter this realm, where each game is a saga of power, loyalty, and the ceaseless pursuit of knowledge.

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